Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the happiest excitement in life is to be convinced that one is fighting for all one is worth on behalf of some clearly seen and deeply felt good....ruth benedict.......... take risks , look for gaps ..... do what no one eles is doing....michael j. fox.................the most beautiful world is the world of imagination.....helen keller
mark manson....ohhhhhhhhhhhh brother

Monday, June 29, 2009

jock'in it.....

from the wearing it well file...

our words are vital in bringing our dreams to pass . you have to begin speaking words of faith over your life, lucky. your words have enormous creative power. the moment you speak something out. you give birth to it. this is a spiritual principle and it works whether what your saying is positive or negative. in that reguard , many times we are, our own worst enemies. statements like ' Thats outta my reach or i can't " will literally prevent you from moving forward in your life.thats why you must guard your tongue and speak only faith filled words over life--- you can do this tracy ..practice it .understand , avoiding negative talk is not enough. you must start using your words to move forward in life. what you believe god's word & begin to boldly confess it, mixing it with your faith, you are actually confirming that truth and making it valid in your own life. and all heaven comes to attention to back up gods word, bring to life all the good god and his universe have for you.whether we realize it or not , our words also affect others futures...we need to speak loving words of approval & acceptance, words that encourage / inspire / and motivate our familys / friends and even the stranger we pass on the streets...to new heights . when we do this we are speaking abundance and increase and declaring gods favor on them....joel osten

Sunday, June 28, 2009

we must think alot alike cause i had this put together days ago.....you'd like my ass it's real fuckable and i like to scream shit while being pounded on... and i can give as well as i receive..so you wanta piece of me?

your gonna have to lay your hands on me and finger my fuck hole

are you believing to rise above your obstacles, that you can live in health / abundance / healing and victory ? one of the most important aspects of seeing ourselves god's way involves developing a properous mind - set; understand, god has already equipped you with everything you need to live a prosperous life & to fulfill your god - given destiny. he planted seeds inside you filled with possibilities / incredible potential / creative ideas & dreams . but you have to start tapping into them. you've got to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have what it takes. god created you to excel, and hes given you ability / insight / talent /wisdom and his supernatural power to do so. you don't have to figure out how he's gonna bring it about . thats his responsibility. your's lucky is to believe. start looking through eyes of faith: see yourself prospering and keep that image in your heart and mind. you may be living in poverty @ the moment, but don't ever let poverty live in you. god takes pleasure in prospering his childern. as we prsoper spiritually / physically and materially our increase bring him joy !!!..... thanks joel..... thats just what i try to believe

Saturday, June 27, 2009

welcome to my body worshipp were am on every inch of him... pleaseing my man up and down & loving every moment

yeah ok ... i admitted it was me ..following him into the shower can you blame me...man had i big bad muscled body and i need to see that other muscle down between his leggs