Friday, June 26, 2009

doors of opportunity will swing open for you

god has more in store for you !! his dream for your life is so much greater than you can imagine . if god showed you everything he has it store for you, it would boggel your mind. if you have a vision for victory in your life, you can rise to a new level. but as long as your gaze is on your problems instead of on your possibilites you risk moving in the wrong direction and missing out on the great things . he wants to do in and through you. it's a spiritual as well as psychological fact; your life will follow your expectations. if you dwell on postive thoughts; your life will move in that direction. if you continually dwell on negative thoughts. you will have a negative doubt about it...and this will affect your relationship with family and friends.if you expect defeaty, failure or mediocrity, your subconscious mind will make sure you lose / fail / or sabotage every attempt to push above average. it's time to quit limiting god. god is your source and his creativity & resources are unlimited !!!!one idea from god can forever change the course of your life. god is not limited by what you have or don't have. can can do anything, if you will stop limiting him in your thinking. QUITE YOUR HEART AND RECEIVE HIS WORD; " I CAN DO ALL THINGS...."WHEN GOD BRINGS ABOUT THOSE OPPORTUNITIES AND THEY CROSS YOUR PATH, STEP OUT THERE AND BOLDLY IN FAITH / EXPECT THE BEST / MOVE FORWARD WITH CONFIDENCE, KNOW THAT YOU ARE ABLE TO DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. STEP OUT SIDE YOUR LITTLE BOX LUCKYONE ......START THINKING BIG

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  1. The Gnostics believed that one did not just believe and worship God. I believe that when I see the Spirit, I become Spirit; I see Christ, I become Christ; I see God, I become God. God's spirit is in me and I am in him. We are ONE!