Wednesday, December 23, 2009


life house

welcome to a new year, what if every man you encountered this year was a brickhouse ?..... i can only imagine....

lord , god , almighty

....cause he's a brickhouse....

everyone of 'em


a course in miracles say's " through gods holy spirit he will out wit our self - hatred and return our hearts to love" where we unite with another ; - god is and where god is , ego can not be . when you wonder what is coming , tell yourself the best is coming , the very best life and love have to offer, the best that your father and his universe have to send . then simply open your hands and receive it, Its yours......melody beatty

much love , lucky

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

DEC. 31 ST 2009

it is desire that ignnites the engine of creation not caution.never, never caution.always, always , desire. look to see what you most desire in your life , then ride that feeling all the way to creation. if you do this you are using what has been called the law of attraction. in simple terms ; thought in action. at a very high level ; the process of synergistic energy exchange. everything is energy. in this field of energy , like attracts like. what you think , you create.Yet what you believe is what you think, and what you perceive is what you believe - and all of your perceptions depend on your perspective ... and ... it's a circle . ...... author ; Neale Donald Walsh

DEC 31ST 2009

been there

my coming out story is real simple ..spent alot of time at the beach ....and there seemed to be enough body builder's around who'd let a 16 year old suck on their cocks