Saturday, December 19, 2009

DEC 28TH 2009

hey neighbor , i'd like to introduce the bulls who live next door, welcome to today!!!!

the bulldawgs next door at there committment cermony
over heard by one of the quest , " it was like hope meeting faith , faith introducing hope to belief and belief introducing them to love. they all became the best of friends and now hang out at a club called achievement ." ( read between the lines
i've learned; never talk to mr. bull before he's had his morning coffee.....really the bulls next door like to do their taste tastingthe bulldawgs next door often have company and man all i got too say is " these dude's like too show off"the bulls dawgs next door like it when the boys across the street worshipp on'emi've even notice the bulls next door like to work on things in garagethe bulls next door are in great shape and really fucking strong ...they like to work outthe bulls next door like to play ....this is them @ playthe bulls next door : love these guys their showing whats best in all of us....

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  1. WOOF I may be moving next door as well.
    These are HOT Men here. I can have coffee ready every morning