Monday, December 7, 2009

imagination .... is everything! imagination establishes the blueprint for what can happen within time & space. without the blueprint there is no image, pattern , or mold for reality to follow. imagination gives universe direction . its the steering wheel or rudder on the ship of your dreams . and this isn't true sometimes ; it's true all the time . thoughts become things, no matter what you're thinking . so, think the good ones ! and sometimes it all seems so real, doesn't it ? next time, the shit hit's the fan, remember that your real challenge begins with using your imagination, not combating or manipulating a physical world that only mirrors what you used to think about. you are here too learn of your power , your divinity , and your sovereignty, not to be batted about by illusions, lost in a sea of mystery, or suffering for sins you don't even remember committing or even for those you do remember . there is no agenda. think good thoughts & your life will be transformed. it's the law !

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