Friday, December 18, 2009

DEC. 26TH 2009

OWN IT if you see it, touch it. if you touch it, feel it.if you feel it , love it . and when you love it, give it. and more will be added unto you.

because nothing speaks to the universe louder than your belief in self, abundance , and love than giving does. and when the universe hears, more will be added to you. not as a reward but because you truely believed in self , abundance and love. yee - ha !!! what a way to run the world ! and best of all , this is the world in which we live ! think of the possibilities. they're endless ! notice that there are no referenced above too blood , sweat , and tears . no implications of sacrifice , commitment , or years. not a hint of judgement , luck or coincidences ... your not here to experience lack , disease or impediments . your here to experience over flowing fullness of self .( in a great way ) so go on , own it and know . but be careful because this chain reaction is alot harder to stop than it is to start. ;@}

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