Friday, December 11, 2009

DEC. 19TH 2009

howell michigan : rest area on I 696 just pass exit 41....trucker's fuckers and blue collar cock meat ... the finest and hotness michigan has to offer in this man's opinion oh yeah, remember that feeling of being invincible , optimistic . wide - eyes , and care free ? remember that excited sense of anticipation you have felt for the most of your life ? remember plotting your course around " the fun " and saying " lets get togather ", often ? when almost every day was an adventure ? oh no , uh - uh , don't go there !! 1st of all, back then you never even knew you felt like that . it's only with the clarity of hindsight that you can now see the magic that you really did hold you in the palm of it's hand . and today, you are still carried , ever so lovingly , by that very same magic , choose to feel it again, now. it never left you . it's still there . don't let another year or ten or more go by before you recognize today's magic. because right here and now, even more so then back then , you are poised to have more fun then you ever have ever had before . OH YEAH ! "LETS GET TOGATHER "

haveing fun is why you're here . it's not frivololous ; it's not just for the kids ; it's important ! and the art of having fun lies in appreciating whereever you are, when ever you are. it's potential hides at work ; it hides in your routines ; it even lurks in bumper - to - bumper traffic. it begins by realizing that every moment that ticks by brings you closer to manifesting your hearts desires, understanding life's mysteries , and comprehending that you are bathed in love always . IT IS A WONDERFUL LIFE> and it offers endless opportunities for fun to those who seek .. here's hopeing you find it all ....

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