Monday, December 7, 2009

we are unlimited in a reality that possesses seeemly magical powers which obey our every command. what has been done by one can be done by all. and all " doing " is done by simply thinking of what it is you want to do and having the conviction to physically move with those thoughts. moving with your thoughts, " acting as if ", tells the universe you believ in what you've dreamed , allowing and even accelerating the dreams entry into the time and space of your immediate life. you do this already, it's how you do all things. it's even how you - create limits. thinking and moving accordingly !!!just become aware of the process to understand and master your infinite self. its the invisible things you think that really rock and roll !! for a one-two punch that will move your mountains , follow your invisible thoughts with little daily actions -- preparatory acts of faith that are aligned with your new thinking. THEN GET OUT OF THE WAY !!!!!

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