Wednesday, December 16, 2009


think big..whatever you want .....wants you. imagine that theres another world, beyond the reach of your physical sense's , just out side of time and space; a world that mirrors your own - not the physical things, but the intangibles; a world that mirrors your thoughts and dreams, your beliefs and expectations. and imagine that every thought you entertain comes to life in this other realm with a single mission; to " jump worlds" and join you in time and space. now imagine that these two worlds run exactly parallel to one another and that they're invisibly fused together in the here and now. pretend that every here and now comes from this other world , from all your prior thoughts, not from your past , not from the world of time & space that surrounds you. do you realize what this would mean ? it would mean that your future , beginning today, will not unfold based on your past or based upon the existing conditions of your life , but will unfold based entirely upon your thought and dreams , your beliefs and expectations. ok ok you can stop pretending and imagining because this is exactly how things are. this is why all things are possible !!!! all things come from the thoughts and your thoughts are determined by you . how cool is that

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  1. May you hav a wonderful and safe holiday.
    Merry Christmas.

    PS I will think big.