Wednesday, December 2, 2009

earlier in one of my post i mentioned that i would tell the story of when i met the singer /songwriter jewel. i met her one day at a downtown bookstore in ann arbor michigan...of the many things we talked about during that brief time was...well i wanted to know how she got started in the music bussiness and what she told me has stuck with me all this time ..almost like : my epihany....she said that she was broke / homeless and living in her car in la. and one day she was walking by a guitar store window and suddendly she thought too herself...... " you know there's no reason i can't have that "... that 's it, i have to tell you i've spent alot of years not reaching high enough and settleing for less as if i don't deserve better... always with the excuse's... it's outta my reach or iam not in his league or i could never do that. thankfully am getting better and i too say to myself you know there really isn't any reason i can't have what i want...and am not just talking about material things talking about abudance / things from within like / joy / peace / light heartedness .....thanks for letting me share ....have a blessed day!!!!!

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