Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Means War, A War of Love....
Universal Love , Unexplained Beautiful Moments... How Cool Is That Gonna Be ? Very!!!!!!!
This Mornings Loving Thought
A Note From The Universe , Actually nobody "needs" to be corrected. They know when they're acting up or will soon find out . Poor behavior within your proximity , however is always a tip off that someone else might correct what they're thinking , saying or doing ....Advanced Metaphysics 101 .... The Universe
Just as good behavior within your proximity, is just one more reason to celebrate your savior faire !!!!!
Gods Will is Mine !!!! By John Randolph Price ........The phrase "Thy Will Be Done " in the Lords Prayer is a statement of resignation for many , the calling down of a power to so something that may or maynot be what we have in mind. It's as though we're saying "since I can't have what I want. Will do it your way & in some cases, there's alittle tinge of fear there after all .We were brought up to believe that God punish us for our sins , and that the will of God punish's us for our sins,and the will of God must contain some form of punishment & sacrifices for us . No wonder so many people live in a state of apprehension , futility & fatalism and there's the other side of the coin. We've been told to be careful of what we pray for because we might get it . In other words "My Will Be Done " a Course In Miracles sates it this way : The very factthat the will of God is perceived as fearful demonstrates that you are afraid of Who & What you are ( A Spiritual Being) it is not the will of God wqhich you are afraid but yours ...You do not ask only for what you want . This is because your afraid you might receive it & you would . But now we see there is only one will.And how could it be otherwise ? The whole Universe of Cosmic Being Individualized It's Consciousness as the Selfhood of each one of us , and nothing was left out of the Individualizing process. We are the will of God," I and my father are one: all that my father is I am. " This lesson helped me understand that the burning desires of my heart were born of love , represent the one common will pushing on my consciousness to be expressed . God's will is peace & joy , radiant wholeness & well being , creative sucess & abundant prosperity , along with right relationships & harmony .Is that not what we want too? There is only one will . .
As I was writing my interpretation of this lesson , I received the Quarterly Letter written for subscribers by my good friend , author & spiritual teacher Walter Starcke. Here is an excerpted portion from a section titled "On Demand Prayer " : There comes a time when after days of struggling to turn things over to our Higher Consciousness , after releasing all judgement ,after forgiving everyone & everything involved , if the road block has not been removed , the time has come for us to demand that it be. If we really believe we are one with God , then always waiting on God , always being patient , always turning it over to God, as though we have no say in the matter , has to eventually come to an end . Passivity can be a form of doubt. Demand affirms oneness. There comes a time when petitionary prayer is a denial of our claim to be one with God. Petitionary prayer always has an intimation of fear , always remains an acknowledgment of duality . At one point , petitionary prayer can be like programing the computer , but to get results the computer has to be turned on to demand . Certainly , if you are acting out of ego , and if you have not exhausted all other means, the condition has not been met for your will to be on demand . But there comes a time when you must affirm your union by demanding a situation break , a healing take place or a clarification become present .Love and then demand.Love God by affirming that God is the only power, and then demand that the power ,that omnipotence , be done because of your joint partnership , because you are taking responsibility for being a co - creator with God.Your prayer should not be " Thy will be done " as though there is a question or doubt , as though something apart from yourself has to be called upon . It should be , "Thy will be done , because I affirm , because I demand it " Lets realize the importance of the Code in this particular step . I am Jesus. he said in the book of John , just before raising Lazarus , Father , I thank thee that thou has heard me . and i know that thou hearest me always...." This was the recognition of oneness of spirit & soul , the one mind and single will , knowing that even before the call was made, the answer , the power was given .Thy will is done because it is called forth. And the call here was that Lazarus be raised from the dead.
I recall a time back in the 1970's when everything seemed to be in a tangled mess and I sent forth the call to be freed from it .This demand broke the ego - grip & the answer came quickly as an opportunity presented itself to move to another city & take an executive position with a new firm , which in time led to the forming of The Quarterly Foundation & the writing of my 1st book , The Superbeings . The one will - in action brought harmony out of chaos . Thou shall also decree a thing & it shall be established unto thee , the light shall shine upon thy ways ."Jesus asked "What do you want me to do for you ?"(Mark) Between him and the blind man . Can we see the same thing happening our consciousness and the Divine self within? What do you want ? Decree all blocks in consciousness be removed & then go forth as the will of God to heal , multiply provisions , bring everything in your life up to Divine standards . Be as your Higher Power !!! When the light comes & you have said " Gods Will is Mine , you will see such beauty and you will know it is not of you. Out of your Joy you will have created beauty in his name. For your Joy could be no more contained than his name.


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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Tribe Has Spoken ......
"It Might Get Loud In Here"
"This Mornings Loving Thought "

Mario Lopez Takes It Off

Outside the open window.......
the morning air is all awashed with angels.
The Mystery Man
Dear father god and your universe , Thank You for all the creative energy flowing from me " am embracing it !" & sincerely feel it. The outpouring of "Heart Thoughts " have been coming pretty consistently ( in the background as i was praying / journaling i could hear an audience 's laughter)You get what you need and more ! Abundant Living is something i can agree with & yeah i understand this .........and there's no power greater than you so , i can quit being anxious and relax into your spirit .I 'am ever Thankful for the illuminated mind , guided steps and rest mind your presence gives me .
Why is abundance " written on the heart " as a law ? Why is money a divine spiritual idea & a spiritual asset ? Because Infinite Wisdom knows there is a need on the physical plane for a medium of exchange , an instrument of goodwill .Without the proper funds to live a life of all - sufficiency . consciousness depresses , fear enters , and we resort to manipulating , begging , borrowing or stealing.Not helpful activities in the reawakening process of realizing Who & What we are . Therefore, we are provide with all that we could need or want in a particular lifetime ....Author of "Angel Energy " John Randolp Price

Sunday, January 29, 2012