Monday, January 30, 2012

Dear father god and your universe , Thank You for all the creative energy flowing from me " am embracing it !" & sincerely feel it. The outpouring of "Heart Thoughts " have been coming pretty consistently ( in the background as i was praying / journaling i could hear an audience 's laughter)You get what you need and more ! Abundant Living is something i can agree with & yeah i understand this .........and there's no power greater than you so , i can quit being anxious and relax into your spirit .I 'am ever Thankful for the illuminated mind , guided steps and rest mind your presence gives me .
Why is abundance " written on the heart " as a law ? Why is money a divine spiritual idea & a spiritual asset ? Because Infinite Wisdom knows there is a need on the physical plane for a medium of exchange , an instrument of goodwill .Without the proper funds to live a life of all - sufficiency . consciousness depresses , fear enters , and we resort to manipulating , begging , borrowing or stealing.Not helpful activities in the reawakening process of realizing Who & What we are . Therefore, we are provide with all that we could need or want in a particular lifetime ....Author of "Angel Energy " John Randolp Price

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