Friday, January 13, 2012

By Carina Adly MacKenzie
On Friday, Jan. 13, "ONE LIFE TO LIVE "" ended its run after 44 years on the air. The end of the series -- and its sister show, "All My Children" -- didn't come without controversy. Angry fans have launched Save Our Soaps campaigns and sent countless letters to ABC, refusing to tune in to replacement shows "The Revolution" and "The Chew."
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Try as they might, though, there's been no response from the networks, and it's likely that Friday's episode was the last we'll see of Llanview. Unlike "All My Children," which ended with a series of disjointed cliffhangers, leaving fans unsatisfied, "One Life to Live" made a distinct effort to wrap up dangling threads.
Longtime fans finally got answers to the ongoing question of Jessica's paternity in an emotional scene that revealed that she is, indeed, Clint's daughter. Clint then proposed to Viki -- another tearjerker of a scene, particularly for the actors involved, it seems! Bo and Nora also tugged on our heartstrings after becoming grandparents. When he said, "I love you, Red," we were taken right back to the early days of their relationship (which we will now proceed to dig up on YouTube).
Todd and Blair, who are headed to "General Hospital," were in flagrante when the police arrived to arrest Todd for murdering Victor Lord Jr. In a surprising twist, though, it was revealed that Lord is still alive and, it appears, kidnapped by Allison.

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