Thursday, January 12, 2012

Disney heroes - "Sitka" By David Kawena ....This is Sitka - from Disnay's "Brother Bear ". As you may have noticed I mentioned more than once I really love this character.When I first saw his character online I immediately fell in love with fell in love with his design ! Sitka stands for a loving brother to his younger brothers , he is very spiritual , always there to give good advice &he's very true & respective to his heritage - which I really love ! not giving any spoilers away for people who haven't seen the movie yet , I'll say this - Sitka's love for his family made him in my eyes the most influential individual in the movie . He is responsible for Kenai's transformation - not only his physical one , but his true spiritual transformation . If it were a real life storyit would take alot for somebody , an older brother, to really throw your younger brother into a world of danger & hurt , sitting back , doing almost nothing to help him , just because you know that by learning a certain lesson that he will gain the most important thing in the world - his true -self .That to me is true love ! I can't tell you I'm like that , but am working on it ..... In one of the most brilliant scenes in the movie Sitka got his own song "Transformation " in which he explains to his younger brothe Kenai about the lessons he must learn & the man he needs to become . Phil Collins wrote what i think is one of the most beautiful songs to ever be a part of a Disney film.The fact that the song is being sung in the Inuit language simply brought tears to my eyes when I first heard it .With the love I share for Sitka you can understand why this drawing was a challenge , you can see why I chose to make it wxtra special & different from the rest of the "Disney Heroes."Much like in the movie I wanted to keep Sitka's strong body but natural body - language , I wanted to present him as one with his heritage, so I added the chair , horns , spear & furs .It took 6 days to accomplish - including one major Photoshop crash that made me start some of it all over again - but it's all good, as it came out better the 2nd time around . There's a reason for everything you know ?!

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