Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dear Father / God , I surrender my affairs to your divine care and love ...all my affairs. I surrender especially my financial affairs & concerns about money into your divine care & love for me. I release all worries / anxieties & fears about having money and spending it .Please father replace them with a "Faith That Works " & I trust that I'll be aware. And i do know that i 've only to look to nature to see proof of " The Abundance " you provide . I release all neg. thoughts concerning money ( like my attitude about lack) & trust that prosperity is my true state . I will learn to manage my finances wisely , seeking help when needed .I' am presently so Grateful for all i have in my life & right here & right now am letting You and Your Universe know i 'll continue too do so . Finally, I ask for the knowledge of your will , in others words "Whats My Purpose ? " & Please allow me the courage and strength to follow through on it . I want too, Know You , Love Others & Serve The World ...So Be It !!!!
JAN, 7TH 2012 -- 11 /12 /11


  1. thanks stan , am not always sure who's viewing my blog although i get afew viewers , its always good to hear a positive responces.....just putting the truth down about who i am and am a well round and grounded guy