Saturday, December 5, 2009

if miracles are seen as merly some sort of metaphor, then they are likely to have the power of a metaphor in our daily lives. and how much power is that ? rather , we can see miracles sewn into the fabric of the universe, and when we do , our experience of the universe is altered. when we are open to the possibility that god's power truly is unlimited - that in the ultimate vastness of the cosmos , love prevails - then we are automatically transported to a realm of possibility in which miracles flow forth naturally. why should we surrender to a fear - based worldview that purports to have the answers to everything & yet clearly has no answers to the important questions.the mortal mind can design a gorgeous wedding, but can not weave two hearts to gather; it can invent medicine to keep us alive, but it cannot create the will to live; and it can manufacture an engine of war, but cannot create deep inner peace. isn't it time to leave behind us the limitations of the mortal perspective and embrace , the spiritual truths and freedom that emanates from the mind of god ? YEAH I BELIEVE ITS TIME..... from the book " everyday grace " by marianne williamson

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