Wednesday, December 16, 2009

DEC 22ND 2009

by the simple act of thinking , vortexes are created , invisible energies are applied , and circumstances begin creeping to make real what was previously just imagined. the super natural pull of thoughts continues long after you think them , whenever intent, expectations and the actions follow, moving mountains, parting rivers and doing the "impossible" untill there is the inevitable manifestation. this is how "thoughts become thing" how they physically become things in a dimension that already exist, with billions of players and massive momentum. not by appearing out of thin air, but through a manipulation of such forces in the unseen that literally begin shifting , morphing and arranging all of the elements in your life so as to deliver to you the nearest equivalent of what you've been thing. in other words, "the law of attraction." " thoughts becoming things" explains the law of attraction . it's why there is a law of attraction. and unlike any other three words in all the vocabularies in all the languages in the world, " thoughts become things' tells you exactly where you fit into the picture, as the thinker, the decision maker over what you will think about , revealing your power as a supernatural, all powerful , unlimited creator. but of course , many prefer not to think of themselves as phenomenally powerful. i'm glad you're different , your going to change things quite a bit ... whoaa!!!

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