Monday, April 16, 2012

What if today  was your day? The most amazing day of your life , so far ? A day that would change everything for the better ? What's already good would  become great. What's already great would become amazing .And whats' already amazing would become the stuff of legends. And all you had to do to take advantage of the good & wonderful things about to happen to you , was treat folks with a true & eager kindness , think mostly of those things that please you , and go out into the world , just a bit , where you could meet , mingle and fall in love ?........Beam & Gush !!!!!! You got it .... The Universe


  1. I agree. Who knows what is going to happen to us everytime that we wake up. I hope everyday that I will meet my soulmate, but is it up to him or to me to make that happen? You can't make the most amazing day of your life happen, buy you can try.

  2. justin , this is what i've learn you can have the end result in mind ( and you do ) the rest is just keeping focused on the day to day a strong believer when it comes to the law of attraction ... in other words let the universe and powers that be bring it to you