Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dear Tracy

Uniting hearts in prayer is a powerful experience. As we pray together , we know that each person has a divine potential within ~ the potential to experience & express God's life , wisdom and love.

Whenever you pray for others , know that the presence within is their guide to greater experienced good. as you recognize this presence within , you open the way for each person to express & feel the divine potential  ~ to be strong ~ wise ~ and prosperous . We see this powerful presence being expressed in wonderful ways as we pray for John

Our prayers will be constant during the next 30 days  with faith in our hearts , we trust that the presence of our father /god is being demonstrated all over the places.
Lovingly , 
Silent Unity 


Not spending any time on this corner, am outta here  ~What I think i know , is that The Ego wants separation & distance, while  the heart wants closeness & unity. So when I find myself in that space of separation & being alone.( am not it's just an illusion , I am  really  loved by everyone. ) I can look forward , because what  the heart wants will be coming. It's the law of opposites / it's a principle.I live by principles & I Thank God and  His Universe for the good , bad and even the ugly. Because ~ the good ~ is on it's way .

On the Corner Of Heavenly Pleasure's

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