Saturday, March 23, 2013

The 7 Gifts from the Universe That Everybody Gets
1. You ( senselessly ) win .
You toss your business card into a bowl at a Chinese restaurant & win six free egg rolls every month for a year. Or you pick up the phone & hear a stranger asking you the names of all four Beatles , which you recite to them without skipping a beat and he screams you just won a dish washer ... This feeling is not the same as winning @ a craps table or a lotto win , this is about a windfall that you 're not even sure you want - say , a deluxe all - expenses - paid trip to Hackensack ,New Jersey -- but fills you with a great , swelling of joy @ getting something undreamed of ...and its all for you

5. Somebody comes back . One of the worst things in life is that people leave - and worse, they leave you feeling that a / you didn't do the right thing to make them stay , or b / you did the thing that made them leave . or c/ if time stopped , you would leave instead & make them feel all the terrible , painful crap you're currently feeling .But at some point . one of those leave 'ers comes back .Maybe they want to start over . maybe they want to say their sorry , Maybe they want to just say hey and smoke one with you .( I made that part up ;@})Leaving you kissing the ground and looking all hot and bothered.And am not making up this part.

6. You are right .

So many times in life we are right & wish we weren't ( You're going to lose your job  ) And then there are the glorious , life - affirming moments , such as when I told my father the glue stick was not ChapStick and he chose to disagree with me .

7. You're loved.

Love seems to be a given . It seems so obvious .All people are in your life with the responsibility to love you : parents , brothers , partners , nieces , babies and friends . A few will fail you , but most won't .And yet each time they express that love , it's unique . It's so insanely specific , what the other will adore about you & what you will adore about him or her .Who is it who loved or loves or will love you ? The guy who left an anonymous note on your desk , or the hot one who can't help but watch you on the bus and smile the whole time. The funny , laid- back , occasionally loud man - perfect for you ;you're occasional hard of hearing - you haven't met yet but will ? It may be that you haven't had all seven of these moments yet . But the odds are that you have ,and here is the sweet part of the deal - it's possible , if not extremely likely , that you will get the chance to have each of these moments over & over & over . 70 or 700 or 7 million times , but each time differently .Each time will be new & astonishing once again Leigh - Newman

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