Sunday, June 16, 2013

 I have learned that everything ends well if I let go & let god. If I simply allow whatever change , occur without opposition . This does not mean I do nothing . But this does mean I don't resit. What you resit persists , what you look at disappears.That is it cease to have its illusory form  & suddenly options are open to us that seemed utterly blocked just moments before . Everything changes with with a change in your point of view . When you understand that , all changes happen in order to sustain harmony in the universe ..When you believe that , even though it seems unbelievable..When you are certain life was meant to be happy... and when you know all stories can have a happy ending if you do not block them with bitterness, anger ,resentment , or non-belief in any possibility of a happy ending . Then you can change your thoughts about what is occurring and thus change your idea of what will occur drop the thought that you can not effect your future. Tell yourself that the future is not coming to you , it's coming through you . The change that is coming to you in the future is the change you place in your future with the thoughts , words and actions of today. 

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