Thursday, February 11, 2010

food for thought

change for the worst is litterally impossible within the expression of energy we call LIFE thats because LIFE itself can fundamentally alter itself in only one direction , the direction that expansion demands , the direction that keeps it flourishing. things can only change for the better , things can only improve because "improvement" is the only nature of god. put another way , god has no intention of doing itself in, life is god's way of proving itself to itself . the process by which it does this is called " improvement "wait a minute ! who even says there is a god? ...i do . but am not useing the word god as many other people do. i do not use the word to denote or describe a higher super being extisting somewhere in the cosmos , exhibiting proclivies & tendenices , needs and desires , frustrations & emotions identical to those of humans.iam not talking about an entity divine who has needs that must be fulfilled or eles , who presumably has a temper ( or a least , a determination to punish those who disobey)and who also presumably has a penis & presumably is fair skined & no wife but one son .this is not the god am refering to when i use the word god. iam refering to the source of supreme intelligence manifesting it self as pure energy that we call life. iam refering to the largest manifestation of a system that replicates itself in smaller and smaller versions through a process that empowers itself to exist & to expand . iam talking about the biggest undifferentiated stem cell in extistence , from which life in all its forms emerges..... author; n.d.w.

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