Friday, February 12, 2010

the souls worth

your souls agenda flows serenely with the larger energy of life itself. life's energy always moves toward synergy , harmony , glorious seeks an experience of itself, in fullness. when i add my own human language to this understanding i find myself saying that life energy always moves in the direction of what i call "love". love of self , love of others and love of life. your own individual energy moves in the same direction . your & the " soul of the universe" desires . seeks and produces at all times the same thing. it is when your mind gets in the way that it seems as though it is not producing this , that something terrible has happened , and that you're going in the wrong direction. there is but one soul yet there are many expressions. ( this sounds to me like the reason they say we are all connected /separate yet one).these individual aspects of the one soul seek synergy , harmony , glorious expression and expansion.
the soul and the mind are 2 different things. the "life form " that you have taken has both a soul and a mind ( as well as a body) & it is in this tribune totality that it fully equips itself to do what you came here --to physical life --to do. the job of the mind is to make sure the body--your physical instrument , or tool -- is kept safe , so that you made use it to do what you came here to do. the job of the soulis too make sure that the mind always knows what you came here to do & makes sure you don't get caught up in it's own make-believe world. you are more than your mind. you are also a soul , and the soul is not limited in its preception . it knows everything , sees everything , understands everything and has everything that the living entity you are could possible wish to have. it has things because it is these thing. it has love because it is has peace because it is peace . it has harmony because it is harmony. it has glorious expression because it is glorious expression. it has all this & more. there is only one thing it does not have . it does not have the experience of them ( now this reminds me of the verse in the bible that talks about he came to give us joy and full joy) that is where the rest of you comes in. author neal donald walsch

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