Tuesday, May 24, 2011

it was the realization that she'd found a secret slit in the curtain , one that led far past backstage to another universe altogether at once spectacular and foul and terrifying. made all the more so by the silent , shameful feeling that she could belong here . the burlesque folk recognized it & recognized it in her and nudged louise along in ways both sly and bold ." the quicker you forget what you use to be " tessie told her " the better off you'll be . start thinkin about what what your goin to be tomorrow - not what you were yesterday "....." for a kid you gotta a lot of sex in your walk ", she said with genuine admiration & shoved louise through the slit in the curtain ." you are real " the comic rags ragland cried when he spotted her " you're not an illusion "......from somewhere in the dark her mother hissed " louise !! hold in your stomach ".................she took a deep breath . " i'm real " she murmured in a voice she'd never heard before . " i'm no illusion -- here take my hand , touch me - feel me ......

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