Friday, May 13, 2011

may 2011

thinking with wings
know god , love others , serve the world
and we do need constant reassurance that we are loved , protected , guided and watched over. it's ok .....really ..then we will have the strength to show up fearless in a fearful world . the more we turn to god & ask him to use us for his purpose's the more the mind expands and illuminates we experience the peace of god more deeply and the joy of our natural innocence ore often , as we apply a genuinely spiritual commitment . to all we think and do . the spiritual commitment to make every situation an object of devotional connection's your key ...lucky

when god created you ... when i think about john sometimes at nite i go into this " the angels need to get a hold of this one " thoughts . & ( most of the time it's to correct his thinking , am bad..... some times Im selfish and think i know whats best )...there have been times i've thought of him as an " lost angel " hes got a divine character within .well i try and have these thoughts and dreams of the angel and powers that be ..create an oasis for us to co habit in where are natural innocence comes out ....that's the best part of knowing john there's a warmth and depth .... during everything else ..the noise and confusion of our lives ...a peace full oasis would be hot ... i'm told when you desire something and your clear about it . the universe dose everything it can to bring it about's energy ..... that's the law of attraction .... since the luckyone's place is all about my desires's down ...out in words ....and may the holy spirit enter into to all i think... say and other words " all my affairs"

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