Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wabi Sabi Love ; Embracing Imperfections in relationship ..by Arielle Ford...The ancient Japanese art form of Wabi Sabi honors all things old , weathered, worn and impermanent by perceiving the beauty in imperfections .It discovers grace in things modest , humble and unconventional.Wabi Sabi Love is the art & practice of appreciating the quirks & imperfections in our selves & our partner . listening with our heart , we come to see with it , too. Discerning the hidden dance between partners brings emotional maturity to our relationships as we shift our focus from what's wrong to what's right . This new , true view deeply bonds us & is key to everlasting love -- and any harmonious relationship . spiritual teacher David Deida counsels ," Practicing Love often means .....a surrendering all hold on the familiar act you call "me".By choosing to turn everyday conflict into compassion , we cultivate a more loving relationship through humor , listening , intimacy and generosity , even when someone is acting out , refusing to listen or shutting down . Acceptance & it's counterpart, understanding , are crucial to achieving relationship harmony . It's the highest form of love & like most things worth striving for , requires patience , commitment , personal responsibility , playfulness & practice. Imagine how great it is to feel loved all the time by a friend and partner -- during the good , the bad and everything in between . it starts when we shift our perception and see our mate's behavior through a gentler & kinder lens of mutual lightheartedness ( kinda reminds me of what A Course In Miracles talks about when it say's a miracle is a change in perception )Researched by Psychologist Sandra Murray PH.D , at the University of Buffalo , reveals "wearing rose _ colored glasses "& idealizing our partner leads to more happiness & satisfaction in a relationship , and that the happiest couples focus on what's right . In what is known as the Pygmalion effect , the greater expectation placed upon people , the better they perform . Keeping an open heart & mind also prepares us to receive our partner's best expectations and highest level of caring , even if it might seem different than what we expect . When we choose to lovingly accept each other. Let go of issues & apologize for any wrong doing , it transforms the relationship .Overall , we appreciate the bigger picture & go from being annoyed to enjoyed !!!

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