Saturday, February 11, 2012

What I Woke Up To This Morning ...
MAN UP ! ....Many of us have heard that abomination though sometimes the message is delivered sarcastically & most often to men, the speaker has observed behavior lacking in courage or honesty & is exhorting that person to face up to a situation or confrontation . The circumstances depicted often relate to human relationships & flawed or deficient communications .For example , one might be steering away from meetings or conversations to avoid the possibility of hurt feelings , or giving an answer that might not be well received . Perhaps someone is holding back from taking appropriate action because of a lack of confidence. Or maybe it's just hard to say " I was wrong & I'm sorry," because that could be thought of as a sign of weakness. Of course , all these situations need conscientious thought in order to be handled.
The same is true , though , about each of us -- both men & often are we confronted with an apparent flaw or deficiency in ourselves or others , be it with regard to work , family, income physical well- being , purpose , companionship , or life itself ? And what's sometimes the response ? Is it one of denial ? Complacency ? Regret ? Resignation & acceptance ? Maybe we think if we just ignore these issues or play them down , they will dissipate or go away .Or do we hear that instruction to "MAN UP " in alert comprehension , recognition & expression of the child of God we truly are ? As we're told in the 1st chapter of the book of Genesis we are each the image & likeness of God , whole & perfect .What could be more complete expression of man - the generic term for all humanity - than that of the likeness of the Infinite Mind , Eternal Life , Unbounded Love ,Absolute Truth , governed by unfaltering Principle ? And God is the unwavering source of the Divine Character & perfection that we constantly & completely reflect & express.(ummmm)Then the response to sickness , fear , anxiety , depression , loneliness , loss of any sort - be it family , friends , job , income , life - can be to really "man up ".In other words , we can refute any claim of inadequacy or insufficiency & affirm the competence & completeness as God's man . Mary Baker Eddy wrote in Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures " At all times & under all circumstances , over come difficulty with goodness . Know thyself , and God will supply the wisdom & the occasion for a victory over it . SO, she says-- Know Thyself --, as the pure , innocent ,undefiled , reflection of Spirit & Soul .Whenever you're confronted by a malicious thought , an unsettling occurrence , the suggestion of contagion , or fear of any kind , deny what or who you are not ...and recognize , know and acknowledge who you are and affirm this truth . The Image & Likeness of The Source "....Howard Bruck , Marietta Georgia .

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