Monday, October 26, 2009

how do you see yourself ? your self - image is much like a self portrait: it is who & what you picture yourself to be , which may or may not be an accurate reflection of who you really are. how you feel about yourself will have a tremendous impact on the person you become, because you will proably speak , act, and react as the person you are. ........god / our higher power wants us to have a healthy, postive self - images, to see ourselves as champions. you may feel you're a failure but that doesn't change god's image of you . you may feel unqualifed, weak and fearful, but god see's you as a victor !!! he creates us in his image, and he is continually shaping us, conforming us to his character, helping us to become ever more like him. QUITE YOUR HEART & TAKE THIS IN we must learn to love ourselves , faults & all, not because we are egoist, but because thats how our heavenly father loves can walk with confidence, knowing that god loves you unconditionally . his love for you is based on who you are not what you do or anything eles. you're a unique individual ...noone eles like you or will ever be. ... your his masterpiece.... a word from joel osteen

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