Wednesday, October 14, 2009

it's important that you program your mind for success & that won't happen automatically.each day and every morning choose to live with an attitude that expects good things to happen to you. the word say's " set your mind & keep it set on higher things"when you get up and i tell myself this (really i do ) this is gonna be a good day , and try to set my mind in the right direction.. i try and remind myself that god is guiding and directing my steps and his favor is surrounding me..goodness and mercy chase after me.and on a personal note thanks for those of you who have let me know that your looking and actually reading what am putting down....i had a very successful blog on yahoo's 360....and when they took it away from me i was done with them and i've been over the last 4 or 5 months..doing my thing here...although the following hasn't been big...i still apperiate those of you who are taking a look ..i try never to dupilcate anyone eles and do my best to be creative and orginal....much love tracy
" iam excited about whats coming my way. start your day off with faith and expectancy, and then wait and watch

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