Thursday, October 29, 2009

loving your life starts here with the essentials : understanding you are important , & out of that importance you know that you are called to add value to life around you. no matter where you are in your life today, you have the potenial to increase, to grow, to be strenghtened and to move forward. there is much more inside you that is waiting to be discovered....... in the famous movie "THE SOUND OF MUSIC" , there's a scene where maria has gone back to the convent in hopes of escaping a difficult situation & discovering something new about the direction of her life. by way of encouragement the reverend mother simply say's "you have to live the you were born to live"...thats what i'm telling you today. keep pressing forward into the life you were born to live . keep climbing those mountains. there are new levels in your life & you need to look for them; there are treasures within you too discover, and there are gifts and abilities that are waiting to be discovered. as you discover the vauable treasures in the depths of your heart , you'll see yourself with a fresh new perspective ; and you will love your life in ways you never thought possible....a word from victoria osteen from her book " loving your life"

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