Monday, February 6, 2012

"Food For Thought " ( what Marianne Williamson has to say about Love & Forgiveness)
In a previous interview with Unity Radio , you have said , the rehearsal is over , the time is now , whatever obstacles we have to miracles happening we can release them , and forgiveness is the key .What would you say about forgiveness ?Marianne Williamson : In the Course of Miracles , it says that we are not perfect , or we would not have been born , but our mission to become perfect here . I think , most people , certainly people on a spiritual path , are feeling ,what you might call an intensified sped - up lesson plan these days .Sometimes you might be feeling that "I 've been working on love , spiritual development , personal growth for so long , how is it possible , that I'm stubbing my attitudinal toe at this point on some grudge that I can't give up , some judgment , some unforgiveness , some anger ," but actually what's been going on is we've all been given our advanced course in love , as it were , and there is no advance course in love that does not include an advance course in forgiveness . It's easy to love people who behave in the way we want them to , it's easy for us to have compassion for people who have shown compassion for us , but that's not an advance course in love , pretty much anyone can do that .The advance course in love is when , a friend is at fault , someone has betrayed us or some injustice has been done to us .That's when we find out how we're really doing at this thing called spiritual growth .
What i have seen in my life & what i see in people around me & what i think that the world is called to right now , is that higher love , that sees beyond people's mistakes , allows the past to be the past , and allows the world to be reborn , as it were. It is amazing how difficult it is to do this , it is amazing how mush resistances we have to giving up our thought that someone did the wrong thing or said the wrong thing & somehow if they did or if they said something differently we would be okay. Even as I say this , I am impacted , by how hard it is for me . Even as i say these words , I am dealing with this one person whose transgression as it were , if you even want to call it that ,was that even all that great , in worldly terms , but whatever the trigger , whatever the primal nerve that was cut by those words , my difficulty in simply letting it go , only proves to me , once again , how big an issue this is . How hard it can be to let go of our grievance for someone , but also how extraordinary profound is the realization , that the part of you that doesn't want to let it go , is the part of you that identifies with the separate self . That if you were to forgive , then you would be letting go of your sense of that separate self , and that is the death of the ego & of course the ego does not want to forgive . One of my favorite lines in the Course of Miracles, is that the Christ in you cannot be crucified , the part of you that can be offended , the part of you that can be insulted , that part of you that can be transgressed against , is not the real you anyway it is just the sense of who you are . The real you is eternal spirit that is flowing along in perfect harmony & perfect bliss & these , ultimately small times , personal transgressions , mean nothing . Now , I am not being glib here about serious injustices and betrayals & transgressions , they do exist , all the way to the level of heinous crimes , but I think it is safe to speculate that the majority of people reading this article , aren't dealing with unforgiveness having to do with , what in the big scheme of things , not even all that big of a deal .

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