Friday, February 3, 2012

This Mornings Loving Thought ; What We Value The Most.
God has no office hours .There is never a time of day when God is not unavailable . Day or night , summer or winter , God is always present - always ready to heal , to comfort , to inspire . It is not possible that you could turn to God in prayer without receiving help.It is not possible that you could ever find yourself anywhere where God was not fully present , fully active , able and willing to set you free from any difficulty .The one thing that is required is that you shall turn to Him whole -heartedly, and that you shall expect Him to act .....If you turn to God in prayer , without tension , without vehemence , but quietly , steadily , and persistently , results will come .
You must pray for yourself constantly . How could it be otherwise ? We worship God by believing in Him , and loving Him wholeheartedly ....and we can attain to that only through prayer . The sole object of our being here is that we may grow like him...and we can do that only through prayer . The more we pray for ourselves the more power will our prayers have for any purpose whatever ; so praying for ourselves is the reverse of selfishness ... it is truly glorifying God. Why not take the following experiment , which will not only be thrillingly interesting , but certainly teach you more in one day than you could learn from books or lectures in many weeks .Here is what you have to do : For one whole day think , speak , and act exactly as you were absolutely convinced of the truth of the statements that God has all Power & Infinite Intelligence, and that His Nature is your Infinite Goodness & Love .To think in this manner all day , will be a difficult thing , because it is so subtle . To speak in accordance with these truths will be easier , if you are vigilant . To act in accordance with them will be the easiest part, although it may require much in the way of moral courage .--Emmet Fox was born in Ireland on July 30th , 1886, was educated in England , pursued his spiritual career mostly in the United States , and died in France on August 13 th 1951. Emmet fox addressed some of the largest audiences ever gathered to hear one man's thought on the religious meaning of life . His books & pamphlets have been distributed to over three million people & it can be conservatively estimated that they have come into the hands of ten million .

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