Saturday, March 24, 2012

I have learned that everything ends well if I "Let Go & Let God" ; if I simply allow whatever change is occurring in my life to occur without opposition . This does not mean do nothing, but this does mean do not resit .What you resist persists.What you look @disappears. That is , It ceases to have its illusory form . Suddenly options r open to us that seemed utterly blocked just moments before .Everything changes with a change in your point of view.When you understand that all changes happen in order to sustain harmony in the Universe ...when you believe that , even though it seems unbelievable ...when you are certain that life was meant to be " Happy ";.... and when you know that all stories can have a happy ending . If you do not block them with bitterness , anger , resentment ,or non~ belief in any possibility of a happy ending.... then you can change your thought about what is occurring & thus change your idea of what will occur .Drop the thought that you can not effect your future .Tell yourself that the future is not coming to you , it is coming through you .The change that is coming to you in the future is the change you place in your thoughts , words and actions of today and this moment , go on & create your moments .
Nothing needs fixing ; everything desires a celebration. You were made to bend so that you could discover all the miracles @ your feet.You were made to stretch so that you could find your own beautiful face of heaven . Just above all that you think you should shoulder.When I appeal to God to speak to me , I am feeling just as small & alone as you are , but this is when , for no good reason @ all . I begin to " Shine."

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