Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What stirs your soul ?
Whatever it is let your heart ~ find hope there.
Whatever it is find peace, isn't that what matters ?...too know that you are led ... by love , by hope , by trust.

" Faith "YOU have a right to Your Story
that Is yours ~ the way you know best.
with grace. with heart. with compassion . with soul.

...and most important , with a hint of protection ...for those you Love.
because after all "the love chapters ' of any sort~ Those are the best. hands down on any level ....
Take comfort & know like you know that ~ 100% ! you are loved. For everything you have been , are , & will be.....no matter what .... let faith , hope and love my friends define your truth .
Our God Given "Nature"..I don't know this former child star & am not interested in his opinion.

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