Sunday, July 5, 2009


in your times of difficulity do what the early first - century christians did...number one ; stay full of other words put some heart into all you do...number two, go out & sow a seed. help someone else, and you will be helped. the bible says it.."give generously for your gilfs will return to you. divide your gifts among many, for in the days ahead you will need help ( just a fact lucky , you will always need some sort of help one way or another... now notice here , that god is giving us a princple here that will cause us to have our needs supplied during those tough times that occasionally come. give generously of your time /energy / and money when you can. put some action behind your prayers . if your praying for a new place to live or a trusting friendship..continue to pray , speak out loud your cause & get into an agreement that along with your request /action and faith is some thing to get your seed into the ground that god can bless..your gifts go up to god as your devotion just like when you do your art tracy. sow special seed that relate to your specific need . we can't buy gods goodness but we can exercise our faith by giving

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