Wednesday, July 15, 2009

don't make the mistake of living your life self - centered , rushing through your days concerned only about yourself. take time for people; make them feel special; learn to apperiate them. when you see the mailman out " hey are you doing" when your at the grocery store thank your cashier.. be friendly, sow a seed with the man at the gas station ..share a laugh call him " boo" ( like i do ) try makeing a random deposit with people in passing . why bother joel ? you may ask... as a part of your relationship with god,you need to extend kindness & apperiation to every person you meet. you need to be of service to others....everyday look for someone you can encourage. a simple compliment may turn someone's day around.. " you look great" " that colors looks good on you" or a more sincer approach tell some one how much you really apperiate them and care ...your words have the power to put a spring in somebodys step. too lift someone out of defeat & discouragement , and to help prople some one to victory. understand that every person need encouragement , no matter who he or she is or how successful he / she appears to be. frequently , someone will tell me; " joel you've made a differnece in my life "... or " you've really help me" . everytime i hear statements like that it encourages me to do better; it does something deep down inside of me that lets me know that my life has significance & that am able to make a difference in this world. everyone needs this kind of encouragement ...ohh tracy learn to be friendly and avoid anything that eludes the attitude that you are so important that you can't take the time for somebody eles not on your level ...instead make sure to make everyone you meet feel important , strive to make others feel special and that you care... joel osten

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