Tuesday, July 7, 2009

learn to keep the peace... don't be hardheaded & stubborn ..maybe you've been at odds with somebody for months even years, not speaking to them ...giving them the cold shoulder. life is just to short to live that way...if possible , go to that person and make things right -- while you still have an opportunity. don't wait until you cannot make amends with someone from whom you are estranged . do it today, swallow your pride and apologize even if it wasn't your fault. keep the peace. understand, its not always about being right. it's about keeping strife & resentment out of your life . you can win every argument , but if it opens the door to turmoil / brings division /and tears you apart..in the end you will not have won at all and you may realize you've lost something in the process. i believe that god always gives us a warning / a wake- up call of sorts; he may be saying simply, quit being argumentive / quit being a faultfinder/ forget the past and start being a peacemaker... when we reconize his voice , we need to respond. be the bigger person tracy, when you do ..your sowing seeds of love and kindness...joel

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