Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lucky, have you ever seen a complete stranger across a room , street or hallway , and sent them a silent "I Love You" , just for the good it might do ? I have. But then to me they 're not really stranger . Then again , neither are they to you .................. Do you know how beautiful you are ?..... ...The Universe..........There are NO accidents , NO coincidences , and NO strangers.
Dwelling on the unimportant , stressing on the unintended , and freaking over the unknown, simply doesn't work ... and are a bit like lighting a match in a dark room to make sure no one accidentally sprinkled any gunpowder on your bicycle , kept under the stairs , near the back porch , in January. Actually , some of that wasn't really important , but hopefully it distracted any stigma you may have attached to freaking over the unknown .Why not just celebrate that you 're alive , every single day ? After celebrating that you don't need a bike to get email , in January

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  1. I would love to hold and let them know it is OK.