Thursday, November 12, 2009

don't be afraid to applaud yourself today, you may be going through some difficult situations, but you do have the strength to make it through . it's great when you have people in your life to hold you up, but what happens when those people are not around ? thats when you have to draw strength and encouragement from within. thats why it is so important to fill your memory with all your victories, and all the X's you made it through difficult situations. fill it with reminders of how god did for you what you could not do for yourself. dwell on the good and the goodness that poured forth and you will have the strength to applaud yourself today. you'll receive all the encouragement and hope you need to rise up and accomplish what need to be accomplished. believe in yourself & give yourself credit.I have found that the way we treat ourselves sets the example for how others will treat us.( these are victoria's words, but she's right) if you are constantly down on yourself, you'll draw people into your life who will treat you likewise . now on the other hand , when you invest in yourself and see yourself as valuable. the way your higher power see's you . then others will recognize this and be drawn to you. ( it's call divine attraction )from the book " love your life " a word from victoria osteen.

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