Friday, November 20, 2009

we draw to our lives that which we constantly think about. if we dwell on the negative, we will attract negative people , experiences and attitudes. if we dwell on fear , we will draw in more fear. you set the direction of your life with your thoughts. the choice is up to you.( this use to scare me but am making the decision everyday to change my thinking ...thought - word and deed.)you don't have to entertain every thought that comes to mind. the 1st. thing you need to do is find out where the thoughts coming that that from your higher power / is it your own or is it a destructive thought from ego.if the thought is negative , mostly likely it's from the ego. if its a discouraging .destructive thought; if it brings fear , worry doubt or unbelief; if the thought makes you feel weak, inadequate or insecure, i can guarantee you that thought is not from your higher power and his love.the word says" we should cast down every wrong imagination and take into captivity every wrong thought".....which simply means .don't dwell on it... reject it ... take a look at it and see it for what it is .....not the truth.think a higher thought something good and loving ...don't dwell on the negative thoughts in your mind & let them take root and rule your life.( you know that tape that says " there something wrong with me because am gay" or am not good enough for the job or no ones gonna love me am way to flawed..blah blah blah) if you believe those lies , you will set limits in your life that will be nearly impossible to rise above. you must get into the habit of turning away from this kind of thinking. (note to self; i'll tell you the story about when i met the singer jewel at a later date, it's a good one )god your source is not limited by anything ; with the exception of your lack of faith in him.

there is no such thing as the wrongside of the tracks with god and his universe. if you put your trust in him, god will make your life significant. god longs to make something great of your life ( i hear he loves a good story)he'll take the impossible , take a someone drowning in life and set him safely in greener pastures. your a part of god ...start believeing it and recieveing it. the ego attacks the mind saying you don't have what it take ( so does addiction);god your higher power says you do . whom you gonna believe ???your ego says your not able to succeed, god says you can so all things . the ego says you'll never get out of debt ; god say's i've got a plan to prosper you.the ego says you'll remain unhealthy; the power that regins says your good health will be restore.the ego says you'll never amount to anything; god say he will raise you up and do for you what you can not do for yourself the ego says your problems are way too big, there no way out ...god say he will not only solve these problems and that he has provided the solutions. that he'll take these situations and use them for your own good. friend, get into an agrement with your god thoughts and believe. .... a word from joel osteen
prayer for the day; dear father /god...iam going to dare to believe what you believe about me, rather that on what myself says or what other are saying about me. please help me fill my mind with more constructive thinking remove my worry and my fear, remove my thought of judgement and condemnation toward others. let my thoughts be your thoughts so i may live a true spiritual life my thoughts my words ...and in my deeds. thank you for my life. love lucky

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