Tuesday, November 17, 2009

recently a friend emailed me and wanted to know if i was still blogging porn and thoughts about god,( as if i were doing something wrong) so i fired back an email and said hell ya and if you've forgotten my intention i'll remind you. well yesterday i went from 17 followers to 16 , not that am here for number's ...believe me. and i thought someones sick of the messages ..well for those of you who read these messages ....they are for me . i live in michigan where the recession has hit us hard , i live pay check too pay check ..like so many of my friends and family always trying to stay ahead /worried that god forbid one of us should lose their job or get sick or whatever..this is the real world we live in today...ok, i'll get off that subject and tell you why am blogging what i do ...i love god and what ever you may call him...higher power ...creator .. and i refuse to have any guilt / shame or remorse over whom i love and what i do sexualy....this is a natural thing that my father created in me and when i started a year ago doing this ...it was about me doing a creative journal ....so there you go....it's my book
"i believe in things i cannot see or touch or hold in my hand. i believe in things i feel in my heart."

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  1. I do not think it is a resession, but maybe a small depression. That is another story there. I fully agree with you about your blog. I like it, and whatever you feel you need to do with it; DO IT. I enjoy peoples writting as much as the pictures. If you notice I follow your blog. I do try to write a response whne I am on the computer. Please keep up the GREAT and Wonderful work.