Sunday, November 15, 2009

today if you are in a relationship that is not right for you, don't wrestle with your feeling or make excuses for whats going on. iam not talking about a marriage relationship; am talking about any relationship that is dragging you down and causing you to fall short of what you were intended to be. are there influences in your life that you know are not right ? are you spending too much time with people who are putting your destiny @ danger?if your seeing red flags but you're afraid to let go because you don't want to be alone, remember , god will never leave you alone; you are too important to him . when one door closes ( in a relationship or anything ) god will open a bigger and better door for you. he may be trying to stir you out of a situation that is no good for you. even if you are thinking of a friend who walked out of your life , realize that maybe god helping you . he may have closed that door so you couldn't go back, preventing you from going in the wrong direction. god has such a great desire for you to reach your full potential. be willing to recognize if there is something wrong in your life and have the courage to let it go and move on. you'll also develope a new perspective on what you want and deserve , being open to the new.. the bigger and better plans for you in the area of relationships... trust god today , he wants you to have healthy /honest and strong relationships . so, you can live life at your best and as a whole person. ....from the book " love your life " a word from victoria osteen

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