Wednesday, November 25, 2009

remember , we all face difficulties. we all have obstacles that seem impossible to over come. the difference between those who are able to rise above their adversities and those who get stuck in them is their attitude . ( i 've notice this about myself) a key to enjoying your life is finding something to be thankful for everyday. make a list. write down all the good things in your life . review it each morning before you leave the house. this will help you focus on the treasures that fill your life , and it will give you a positive perspective & grateful heart. we all have things for which to be thankful and grateful for, yet sometimes our perspective can become so distorted that we fail to recognize those things. it's easy to have distorted perspective --- over looking all the good things and magnifying the things that are wrong. no matter what the season of your life you are in, you must deal with the temptation to focus on the negative. make no mistake , we all choose where we place our focus. those people with the better perspectives on life choose to be happy and at peace, content with what god has blessed them with.
to keep the right perspective, we have to magnify the right things in our lives . when we come up against challenges i remind myself of all the great things that god has done for me. i begin to thank him for my relationship in knowing him, i thank him for my family, my children and my husband. i recall past events in which he brought me through and created a way. I AM always amazed how my thoughts change toward whats going a 1st step toward a positive thankful attitude , it's good to take an inventory of your thoughts. what are you thinking about? how are you approaching each day ? identify any self - defeating can't - do - it thoughts and decide to think to will be amazed and surprised. instead of dreading things and complaining about any situations, face each with faith and enthusiasm. ( i've learned that bitching and moaning only adds to the problem at hand ) i've heard it said " your attitude determines your altitude " and i believe it too be true. our attitude affects our progress. if your going through stressful time today.. keep an attitude of gratitude and have faith in your source... a word from victoria osteen from her book " love your life "

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